HUNGER is nothing to celebrate so we’re not celebrating. With our struggling economy and unemployment still high more families, seniors and veterans are seeking food assistance.

We need your help if we are going to continue feeding the 500 or more that come to our pantry each and every month for groceries. Currently every client receives 137 pounds of food, our shopping carts leave overflowing with grocery bags. Won’t you consider assisting us with the most generous donation possible:

$ 50      Provides 50 meals for hungry Veterans who can’t find employment

$ 75     Provides 75 meals for Senior Citizens on small fixed incomes

$ 100   Provides 100 meals for a Single mother struggling to keep a roof over her children’s heads.

$ 200   Provides 200 for families trying to survive after encountering overwhelming medical bills or the loss of a job.

Please send a check to the following address

Cherry Hill Food Pantry P.O. Box 2636 Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 or if you wish to charge go to our secure website, click on donations tab and follow instructions.

PLEASE! Help us to continue assisting our brothers and sisters In need.